April 27, 2007

Seven Answers for Seven Questions

Greetings from behind the lens.

I checked the stats on this site today and it seems I am getting anywhere between 50 - 250 people visiting a day. Thank you all! I really hope you are enjoying the images as much as I am enjoying making them. I just wanted to take this time to answer a couple questions I get a lot about the site.

Q1: Do you take a picture a day, or just post an image a day regardless of when you took it?
A1: The former. Everyday I wake up grateful and eager to capture something new or interesting in my environment. Some days I have shot literally hundreds of images, and then some days other commitments get in the way and I have to stretch for an image. As this project has evolved there are not too many days that go by that I don't find myself without a camera all the time. I have found that it is impossible to take an image a day if you don't have a camera with you-- go figure.

Q2: So what do you do if you took more than one good image for the day?
A2: Ah, the almighty B-Sides was created for that purpose, and that purpose alone. There I post my second, third, forth, etc. choices. I am treating this project as a single body, so often times there are images on the B-Sides which I think are better images than what is on the 365 site but, taken as a whole the image I choose fits better.

Q3: B Side? Why do you call it a B Side?
A3: Come on, I'm not that old. Look it up.

Q4: I want to buy an image or ten, can I?
A4: Of course. I have a link to ImageKind with some of my work. But a better way is to just email me what you want and I will have it printed. We will both come out ahead that way.

Q5: You post large images, can't I just download one and print it myself?
A5: You could, but that wouldn't be very nice. I post large sizes of my images for those who want to click on them and look at image in more detail. If you like an image and want a copy, just tell me. Prices are very reasonable and you show me that you appreciate my work.

Q6: Can I make fun of Geocaching or Weber Hats?
A6: No. Thats a different site.

Q7: I think your images are great. How can I help continue the project?
A7: The easistet way is to just visit the site and enjoy. Right now this site is Ad-Supported. I hate ads, but its the easiest way to support my photographic habit right now. On the right side of the screen you will see ads by google. When you click on those I get a small amount of money. If there is an ad that looks appealing to you, you should check it out. Buying prints helps me out too. Mostly I would just hope you enjoy the images and tell your friends about it. The more the better. If you are tech savvy, you should subscribe to my feed which will bring you the image of the day, everyday, with no effort on your part.

Man, thats a lot of words for a photo blog, but I hope this helps answers all your looming questions about the site. I am working on a different format for presenting the images. You can see the prototype here. Blogger is slowly beginning to get on my nerves, so I am looking at moving on from it. Let me know what you think of the new site.

Life is good-- enjoy it and wake up grateful.

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