October 11, 2007

Daily Picures - Fast

Hey there faithful website lookers. I appreciate everyone's kind words of encouragement about this project. I have also heard some grumblings that it take forever to load the site. Hmmmmm. Probably because there is just so much to load. Here's what I did. I have trimmed the site down. Less ads (now only one bar of them at the top), less words overall and I have also limited the number of posts (45) at a time that will be shown.

So if you are new here, there are lots of images to look through. Possibly even as many as one a day. [That was a joke, alas not very funny, but a joke all the same.] So hopefully this works out better for everyone. If you have any other questions or comments. Let me know.

Enjoy Life. Live Grateful.

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Welcome to the Bottom

Welcome. You have made it all the way through the 365 images. If you haven't already, you turn this site over and see the B-Sides.