January 25, 2008

365 Images Completed, now what?

What a year. Images from three countries. Nearly a home inventory posted online. Every square inch of within 200 feet of my house photographed. I would say it was a good year.

After much deliberation, I have decided that today I will stop taking images for this project. I set out to take an image a day for 365 days and I accomplished that. But, alas, don't fret! I have over 35,000 images that I took during the year. I have a lot of material for the B-Sides that I haven't even looked at, especially Ireland and Costa Rica. So here's the NEW plan: I am going to continue to go through my archive from this project and continue posting new images to the B-Sides. When that is done, then I will start another 365 Project - maybe two.

I will also continue to work on my gVision project and building Bonner Photographic as a business. Any new and noteworthy images will be posted to gVision and the new (in the works)Bonner Photographic website.

Again, I thank you all for your support. I live grateful.


Bonner Photographic, LLC

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Welcome to the Bottom

Welcome. You have made it all the way through the 365 images. If you haven't already, you turn this site over and see the B-Sides.