January 7, 2008

gVision Reminder

Just a little reminder - on the right side of the 365 page there are helpful links. One of those links is to my gVision project. In case you are a late arrival, or just ignored my first email let me explain.

A lot of people set Google, MSN, Yahoo or some other search page as their homepage. If you are one of these people, everytime you start you computer you get to look at say, google's logo. While it is fun to watch when they change it for whatever holiday is that day, its a boring page to look at. Enter gVision. gVision gives you a new image everyday plus an easy search bar to search google. gVision is still a work in progress, but its up and running and guarenteed to have a new image a day until the beginning at February.

So if you would like to take a look, the link is: http://www.bonnerphotographic.com/gVision/

If you would like to have a better looking homepage than you have now, here are a few links on how to change you homepage. You will need to copy the address above so you can paste it into your web browers.

Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7

PS - using gVision helps me out finacially keep doing what Im doing. So do me a favor and at least try it out. I do appreciate it.

Live Grateful.

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rishuvan said...

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