January 1, 2008

The Little Things In Life - A Photo Thought

If anyone is interested, I have a little piece on shooting close-up images. It is titled, The Little Things in Life.

Exerpt: "I just love a good close-up. Seriously, there is nothing better than a full frame still life to me. I have bought a lot of crap that I thought would get me where I wanted to be photographically and I have been let down. Shooting Macro is just the same. The basic rules of buying macro gear applies to pretty much any other kind of gear. 1) Research, 2) Research, 3) Acknowledge that the quality of your gear will only get you so far, 4) toys are toys, and 5) Don't be afraid to spend money where it will do you good. With those as my basic assumptions, here are some thoughts on shooting the small." Continued on The Little Things in Life.

Short answer: If you want good close-ups-- get a macro lens.

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